8 Important Points for Holiday and Winter Driving in the Triangle

Here comes the Holiday Season across North Carolina and the Triangle region! The weather might be frightful up north and in the Midwest, but we are very lucky here in the Tar Heel State and the Peak of Good Living in Apex. Winter is usually a crisp and cool season. Many of our local population grew up colder climates like New York, Michigan and Wisconsin. It might be why they moved; in our area, any amount of snow, sleet, freezing rain, wind, and cold can make streets and travel very challenging.

The Triangle averages only a few inches of snow a year. Yet, winter can bring surprises.  As we head to Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year, across In Morrisville, Apex, Cary, or Holly Springs, the days can be filled with surprises, warm one day and below freezing the next; and any wet and frozen precipitation can bring its surprises.  

Driving in wet weather, ice storms and snow means everyone needs to be prepared. Triangle ice storms often make the national news. It is important to remember that ice means always being safe and ready.

Premier One Automotive offers eight important points to consider as the Triangle drives toward spring and the warmer weather:

  • Check your anti-freeze: Look for clean and bright colors (green or red). Change it if needed. 
  • Car battery: Remember car batteries fail at the wrong time. Have it tested. 
  • Be prepared for breakdowns: Keep an energy bar, bottled water, and a flashlight with fresh batteries somewhere in the car. Battery cables, flares, blankets and a first aid kit should also be in the car. 
  • Check the spare: Make sure the spare has air, and note that over 30% of vehicles do not even have a spare. Is there one in the trunk or under the tailgate? Many new vehicles have only an air inflator. Make sure to have a plan in flat tire situations. 
  • Clean the glass: Clean windows means better visibility. Rain-X the outside of the windows. It makes a difference on a bad weather day. Replace the wipers. 
  • Check the tires: Tires wear and age. Look for wear and make sure they are properly inflated. 
  • Check headlights: Any exterior lighting needs to have a monthly check. Turn signals, brake lights and parking light are on that list. 
  • Oil change: Change the oil, filter, and air filter; this is the most important point on the list.

These eight areas of focus will give Apex and Triangle vehicles the safest edge this winter. Call us today and make that appointment for winter service. Remember, it could snow any day!

Premier One Automotive can be reached at 919 387 6800.

Have a great and safe Thanksgiving!





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On the Straight and Narrow with Premier One Automotive in Apex

Drivers across Apex and Cary depend heavily on their tires. In every and any condition they are an important aspect of every vehicle. Yet, tires are often ignored by many vehicle owners. Tires are not limited to highway miles. They support car safety, vehicle control, and determine the quality of the ride for both driver and passenger as the car. Rolls down the road.

It is important to look at the tires with every gas fill up. Look for even wear. Keep records of routine maintenance like rotations. Tires will wear with every mile. It is important to keep them rotated with every oil change from Premier One Automotive They will last longer and will help with miles per gallon.

Premier One Automotive suggests looking for four common types of tire wear:

  • Toe wear: This is when tires wear on the inner or outer edge of the tire; it is potentially caused by a camber (the arch or curve) wear.
  • Center Wear: This is a common problem, and can be easily fixed with the right amount of air pressure. This happens with tires have too much air, and is easily corrected.
  • Outer Edge Wear: Outer edge wear can simply mean the tires need air. Add the needed PSI following the manufacturer’s pressure on the inside of the driver’s door.
  • Cupping Wear: This situation will often happen when too many miles accumulate between rotations; it is also caused by bent or worn suspension. Our technicians will assess the tires and related parts at no charge.

Unfortunately cars do not have verbal warnings suggesting rotations or tire changes. It is important to check each tire on a regular basis. Our ASE certified team will check any issues and concerns for free, and we will only work on a vehicle with written consent. If it is time to rotate the tires, bring the vehicle in.

If you own an Audi, BMW, Volvo, Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, Porsche, or Jaguar; we are the only automotive service center you will ever need.  Of course, we work on any domestic and import and are certified to do every major and minor repair.

We are the import and automotive specialist in Apex and the Triangle! Call for your appointment today.


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This is yet another informational “Tips from the Hood!” article for our great customers and potential customers!

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9 Ways to Keep Tabs on Vehicle Maintenance in the Triangle

Most drivers in the Apex and Triangle simply put gas in the vehicle when it is on empty. Many owners just get the oil change before a holiday trip or a summer vacation. Very few of us keep astute records of vehicle maintenance. Who has the time right?  We all know money is time. In a dealer trade situation a well- kept vehicle with records is worth up to a $1000 more in a car deal. Why? Because it can be placed on the lot and sold quickly if there are good maintenance habits. Private sales with the record book part of the transaction can bring even more extra. Keeping a car notebook in the glove box makes money!

As Halloween and the Holiday Seasons fast approach, managing a vehicle care schedule is important. At Premier One Automotive, we know the importance for the family budget. Every car, truck, and SUV in Apex and the Triangle need a plan and a schedule. Put a small notebook in the car and have access to it. When you get fuel, add the date, gallons, cost and mileage. Over the course of time, a complete record evolves that will possibly indeed make you money. Add every purchase with a date and time like wipers brakes, and oil changes.

According to the ASE Certified professionals with Premier One Automotive, everyone should have the following maintenance check:

  • Oil changes every three to six months, 3000 to 6000 miles.
  • Air filter every 12,000 to 15,000 miles.
  • Battery every third calendar year.
  • Coolant every 40,000 miles.
  • Plugs/ wires after 60,000 miles.
  • Brakes after 60,000 miles.
  • Shocks after 80,000 miles.
  • Timing belt at 60,000 miles.
  • Cabin filter every 12-18 months

Remember, the above information is meant as a general guide for motorists in Apex, Cary and the Triangle.  Premier One Automotive is always here to serve.  


This post is brought to you by the Good Guys at Premier 1 Automotive in Apex, NC! 

If you own an Audi, BMW, Volvo, Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, Porsche, or Jaguar; we are the only automotive service center you will ever need.

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