10 Bad Weather Strategies for all Triangle Drivers

IMG-20150302-01511Okay, the Carolina winter season is usually a short one. The vast majority of the Apex NC population has come from somewhere else in the country over the past decade or so. Most probably, every person can tell you it snows like crazy where they grew up. From late October to mid-April; snow, wind, and cold make things pretty miserable for more months than we would like to have here in the Triangle. .

For us in our part of North Carolina, the Triangle averages about seven inches of snow rather than what Boston has received in the last six weeks, over seven feet.

Up in Buffalo, Detroit, Syracuse and even D.C. know it is coming, and the shovel and boots are at the front door. Here in Morrisville, Apex, Cary, or Holly Springs, it can be warm and sunny on a Monday and cold and windy on a Saturday, all in the same week.

Ice storms make national news while the six inches in Detroit does not even hit the national news radar. For that reason alone, we need to be ready for anything this time of year.

Premier One Automotive offers a 10 point bad weather list to give our drivers information as we all drive around in this “mild” winter season:

  • Check your anti-freeze. It needs to be clean and green (or red). Changing it now is a good idea.
  • Car batteries die at the wrong time. They should get a test.
  • Have an energy bar, bottled water, and a flashlight (with fresh batteries) somewhere in the car.
  • Check your tires for age, wear and proper air. Check the spare too; it probably needs air. .
  • Replace your wipers.
  • Check headlights, turn signals, brake lights and parking lights.
  • Change your oil and filter.
  • Battery cables, flares, and a first aid kit need to be in the trunk.
  • Make sure belts and hoses are crack free.
  • Clean the interior windows and Rain-X the exterior windows.

These 10 areas of focus will give Triangle drivers the safest edge as winter heads to spring. Call us today and make that appointment 919 387 6800.


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