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IMU BMWIt is the South, and Triangle residents tend to keep vehicles longer than in many areas of the country. Rust Belt aside, it is no secret, in this crazy and challenging election year that motorists keep vehicles much longer.

Premier One Automotive in Apex NC has to ask, how is that vehicle in the driveway?  

Here are 10 “tips from the hood” to keep things rolling with no surprises:

  • Give your vehicle a weekly bath and an occasional wax job: The nicer older car look, the better the trade-in value. Clean cars are worth more at point of sale. Dealerships will pay a little extra for well-maintained sheet metal.
  • Change your wipers every six months: The North Carolina sun is hard on wipers. It shortens their life span. A clear windshield in bad weather means safe travels
  • Inspect the air filter: Every visit, have us pop that hood and look.   
  • Schedule oil, filter and rotation: Oil is important and needs to be changed every 3500-7000 miles. Replace the oil filter too. Because of the high cost of tires today, have that regular rotation, at least every 5000 miles. It will maximize that expensive investment. Proper inflation can increases gas mileage up to five percent; that means more money in the family budget.
  • Belts and hoses are important: These important engine components last only about 40,000 miles with normal use.
  • Batteries only last so long: In the hot summers and cold winters in the Triangle it is important  to not get caught at the wrong time with a dead vehicle. Batteries are most important in preventive maintenance for cars three years and older.   
  • Fuel filters also need changing: Let us have a look.
  • Anti-freeze can become less effective over time: Many manufacturers recommend the fluid be flushed as soon as 25,000 miles. Some companies, like General Motors, can recommend 100,000 miles between changes; but that can depend on usage and time, important variables. If the radiator fluid doesn’t look or small right; change it.
  • Timing belts/ chains can fail after only 50,000 miles: Checking this after that mileage point is a good thing to do.
  • Brake fluid and power steering fluids are important: If you have an older car, replacing these fluids is essential. 


Bottom-line, pay attention to your vehicle and it truly will take care of all transportation needs. Come see us at Premier1Automotive, 1050 Investment Blvd. in Apex, NC. Call us at 919 387 6800.

We are the local car guys! We want to keep you rolling! We service BMW, imports and all domestics!

From the hood,

The professional team at Premier One Automotive


These “Tips from the Triangle HOOD” are brought to you by the Good Guys at Premier 1 Automotive in Apex, NC! 

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