11 Points for Successful Winter Driving in the Triangle

This winter season has been very kind to all regional motorists who commute from Apex to Cary, the RTP, Raleigh and beyond. We are very fortunate across the area and especially here in the Peak City! Most years, winter is usually mild with infrequent lows in the teens. Many of us here in Apex and Cary grew up in harsher climates of New York, Michigan and Wisconsin. Those are the people who will tell us about zero degrees and heavy snow. Here any amount of snow, sleet, freezing rain, wind, and cold can make travel very dangerous.  

Although this area in central Carolina averages about seven inches of snow a year, that is not too bad. Around these parts, it can be warm one day and below freezing the next; and any precipitation can bring its challenges.

Our ice storms often make the national news It is important to remember that icy conditions create havoc and often disastrous situations.

Premier One Automotive offers 11 points to consider as our local drivers slowly head to spring and the warmer weather:

  • Check the vehicle’s coolant: It needs to be clean and bright colored (green or red). Changing it might be a good idea. 
  • Batteries can fail: Let our techs test it for strength. 
  • Carry supplies: Keep an energy bar, bottled water, and a flashlight with fresh batteries somewhere in the vehicle. If it breaks down and it becomes stranded, the preparation will be already there. 
  • Be emergency ready: Battery cables, flares, and a first aid kit need to be in the car. 
  • Check the spare (if there is one): Make sure the spare has air. Note, many vehicles to not have one at all. Many new cars have only an air inflator. Make sure and know what is in the vehicle in case of tire failure. 
  • Pop the hood: Assess belts and hoses for wear. 
  • Seeing means safety: Clean the inside glass on a regular basis. Rain-X the outside of the windows. It makes a difference on a bad weather day. 
  • Tire check: Look for uneven wear. Check inflation. 
  • Replace the wipers: Outside vehicles need wiper replacement every six months. 
  • Safety check: Make sure headlights, turn signals, brake lights and parking lights are in working order. 
  • Schedule maintenance: Change the oil, filter, and air filter.

These areas of focus will give vehicles the safest edge for the rest of the winter. Call us today and make that appointment for winter service.

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