11 Questions that Keep Santa’s Sleigh Flying around the Triangle

bmw-teerapunThe 2014 holidays are now in in full bloom across Apex and the rest of the Triangle. We all are starting to think “shop local” as we head out to purchase holiday gifts for friends, family and neighbors. It is that time of year!

As much as we pay attention to the holidays and the art of gift wrapping, we often neglect the vehicle that takes us around to shop. That college car will be parked a week or as well. Everyone is coming home.

This is the time of year when we travel across states to visit friends and family. Take a minute after assessing the following list and pull the car, van, SUV or pickup out of the garage and give it the once over.

Premier One Automotive offers 11 questions that need answers this time of year to keep your sled ready for Christmas Eve:

  • What do the tires look like?
  • When was the last time the vehicle got a tire rotation?
  • When was the last alignment?
  • Has the oil and filter been changed lately?
  • How clean is the air filter and when was it last changed?
  • Are both headlights working and are they aligned?
  • Do the brake lights and parking lights work or is one burnt out?
  • Are both fog lights operational?
  • How are the wipers?
  • When did the hood last get opened?
  • How old is the battery?

With the fast paced Triangle holidays fast approaching, it is still important to be safe and sound in your trips around Apex or cross country. Being stuck on the freeway or getting a flat with the car filled with kids, dogs, baggage, and gifts should never happen with a little preparation. At $2.85 a gallon for gas in the Triangle, a well- tuned vehicle will give you the best bang for the tank.

Think of it as a holiday gift list for your sled! Call Premier One Automotive today and get the once over! We promise it will be worth the time and effort.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014 everyone!


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