4 Common Types of Tire Wear in the NC

Triangle drivers can tell a lot about their vehicles by the tires they drive on; they are one of the most important aspects of vehicle safety. Tires stabilize the vehicle, control the vehicle’s direction, create comfort, and help move and stop in every situation.

Take a moment and assess every tire on the vehicle. Are they evenly wearing? Have they been rotated? Tires will wear no matter what, but if they are maintained with rotations, they will last longer and save money with better gas mileage.

Here are the four common types of tire wear:

  • Toe wear: This is when tires wear on the inner or outer edge of the tire surface and it is potentially caused by a camber wear.
  • Center Wear: This is a common problem and can be easily fixed. When center wear in a tire occurs, the middle will wear more quickly than the outer edges. The cause is too much air and that can be easily corrected with air pressure.
  • Outer Edge Wear: Outer edge wear can simply mean the tires need air as well. Add the needed PSI following the manufacturer’s pressure recommendation.
  • Cupping Wear: This situation will often happen when too many miles accumulate between rotations; it is also caused by bent or worn suspension. Our technicians will assess the tires and related parts at no charge.

Passenger and truck tires do not have electronic warnings telling you to get them changed or rotated. It is important to check them on a regular basis or bring them into Premier One Automotive. Remember, we will check issues and concerns for free, and we will only work on a vehicle with written consent. If it is time to rotate the tires, or there is a need to double-check the vehicle before a trip, then bring them on in.

If you own an Audi, BMW, Volvo, Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, Porsche, or Jaguar; we are the only automotive service center you will ever need.  Of course, we work on any domestic and import and are certified to do every major and minor repair.
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