5 Ideas for Spring Cleaning Every Triangle Vehicle

Easter and Mother’s Day are fast approaching the Triangle and Apex NC! It will soon be the time for summer vacations and weekend trips to the beach and mountains. There is no better place to drive than the Tar Heel State. The warm weather is finally here! This is the important time of year to assess your vehicle to make sure all is well. As the family makes travel plans, now is the time to do an inspection and walk around the car, truck, SUV, or minivan to look for any potential problems and concerns.

On the next beautiful spring day in the Triangle, pull the vehicle into an open space, and see what winter has done over the past few months:    

  • Look for leaks.
  • Check hoses and belts and overall under the hood.
  • Pay close attention to the condition of the battery cables and posts.
  • Assess headlights, parking lights, and brake lights.
  • Look at the tires for any unusual wear.

The questions will come. First, how old is the battery? If it is three or four or years old, Premier One Automotive can test it when you come in for a spring oil change and a rotation. When did the air filter get replaced last? A clean air filter means better airflow and better gas mileage. 

Check the garage floor. Look for fluid drops and stains. Oil, antifreeze, and transmission fluid could be on that flooring. A clean garage floor is good news.

Now go around the car and pop the trunk or lift gate. Check the spare tire. In fact, does the vehicle have a spare? About 30% of vehicles do not have a functional spare. Some come with a compressor and sealant kit. Some have “run flat” tires. If there is a tire in the back or underneath, our technicians will check the PSI; believe it or not, many spare tires need air.

Now get a friend to help with the rest of the inspection. Check the turn signals, brake lights, and running lights. If you own a General Motors SUV or pickup, there is a pretty good chance one of the running lights needs replacement. Check the headlights and fog lamps as well. While in the car, run the air conditioning for a few minutes. Remember, running it a couple of times in the winter months will keep it functional for the warm months ahead.

Premier One Automotive in Apex NC recommends doing this checkup at least quarterly for everyone’s safety. Owner inspections prevent surprises and help keep every vehicle running at its best!

If anything looks abnormal or if the vehicle needs some “spring cleaning” with new fluids or more, call us at 919 387 6800.

This blog post is filled with Premier One Automotive “Tips from the Hood”!  Safety is our business and our team will keep everyone on the road that way!

Happy Easter, everybody!


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