5 Important Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Forever

The automobiles, SUV’s, vans, and pickups out on the Triangle roads average around 10 years of age. In 2018, even the small brand-new vehicle MSRP can be upwards of $25,000. Many vehicles sold today are sold at $40,000 and more. A new vehicle purchase can really place a lot of strain on family income. Many people today are leasing and many have seven-year loans. Keeping vehicles on the road is a top priority of the owner and of Premier One Automotive in Apex. Saving money is essential.  

Before the global recession of late 2008, the average age of a vehicle was near seven years. Many people with mortgage payments, long commutes, kids, and tuition, keep what they have for as long as they can; keeping things running makes a vehicle an investment and investments need to be protected as we head more deeply into the warmer Triangle months.

Life is uncertain, and with a crazy global economy, trade wars and increases expenses, everyone is making the most from every asset.

It is important to note that most vehicles with 100,000 miles or more can still have plenty of life if properly cared for while they are driven. Maintenance is critical. Oil changes and tire rotations are very important. Paying attention to leaks, because anything new or unusual means less costly repair. At Premier One Automotive in Apex NC, our clients are number one each and every day.

Our top performance team at P1A in Apex, offers five important tips to keep vehicles rolling for years:

  • Open the hood once in a while: Check hoses and belts for cracks; make sure the radiator hoses are good. If they are soft, we can put them on for you. Look for seepage and leakage on the garage floor or driveway. No leak is good.
  • Run the A/C and the heater: It is a good idea to run the air and heat at least once a month year-round to keep everything working correctly; you will need both many months of the year.
  • Pat attention to your mileage: Your ages by years and miles. Regardless of mileage, it needs regular and consistent maintenance.
  • Test drive the vehicle COMPLETELY like you are at the dealer: Normally, you jump into the family vehicle and go. We always play news and music on the loud side. Drive it with no radio and no interruptions for at least three miles and at various speeds. Brake easy and break hard. Does anything rattle or shake? Does it make noise? It pays to pay attention.
  • Document services and fuel: Get a cheap notebook and keep it in the car. When you get gas, note date, money, and miles. Do the same for all services and maintenance; oil changes, wiper changes and tires. This documentation will be worth a lot when you go to sell the vehicle and show the potential new owner that you kept every record.

At Premier 1 Automotive in Apex, we are the Triangle’s full automotive service center in the Peak City that can take care of everything from BMW to Ford to Chevy to Hot Rod. We are locally and independently owned, ASE-Certified and we specialize in European and import vehicles. Our highly trained technicians have advanced level certifications in automotive repair and are experts in diagnostics and the servicing of a BMW, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Saab, Land Rover, Jaguar, or Mini Cooper. We also service any and all domestics.

Please come and see us for normal maintenance, and we welcome emergencies. We know that with a little “auto-love”, we keep things rolling in the Triangle.



In addition to the purchase of an oil change and filter, we will do an A/C service; replace the cabin filter, check fluids, and add Freon if necessary, all for only $109.95!

Our Spring oil change/ filter for most cars is $55.90*.

Our tire rotations are the best value in the Triangle for only $10.

Try a new set of single- beam, Euro- style wipers for just $39.95! 

*Based on vehicle type.


This is yet another informational “Tips from the Hood!” article for our great customers and potential customers in Apex, Cary Holly Springs and beyond!

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