5 Quick Tips to Increase the Life of a Vehicle

index-p1aAutomobiles, trucks and SUV’s are averaging a longer lifespan than ever before, but people here in the Triangle are still trading in vehicles at 100,000-miles. Actively maintaining your car will help your vehicle’s lifespan and allow your car to reach the 200,000-mile mark. With advanced technology, cars have become stronger and can endure more than ever.

How often is your car inspected? Do you inspect it yourself or does a mechanic? There are many different ways to increase a vehicle’s lifespan to 200,000-miles. One of the easiest ways to make any vehicle last is to bring your car in to Premier One Automotive for your free inspection.

Here are five quick tips to keep your vehicle longer:

Keep short trips to a minimum: A short trip to the grocery store is actually more destructive to your car than a longer trip. Try and combine errands to keep engines operating at its functional temperature.

 Keep the tank full: Debris settles towards the bottom of your gas tank as it empties. It is more likely to filter into your engine when the tank is low. Protect the engine from sediment and prolong its lifespan by filling your car and keeping it at a half tank or more. This will also keep the car safe. No one likes the side of the road or walking with a gas can.

Use synthetic oil: Synthetic oil can help your vehicle’s performance during the warm summer months and it has many components that preserve your car’s engine. The use of synthetic oil is highly recommended for most import vehicles and it is the only oil we use here at Premier 1 Automotive in Apex.

Transmission fluid change: Flushing your transmission fluid is vital to your car’s lifespan, but thankfully this doesn’t need to happen often. It is recommended to get this done once every 100,000 miles, although our certified staff will give you an honest condition report of the fluids. Depending on use, it can be well before 100, 000 miles.

Use all of your senses:  Identifying any problems earlier than later will help save money and keep vehicles running longer. If something looks, sounds, feels or even smells unusual, then bring your car into Premier One Automotive and have it properly diagnosed by an ASE Certified Mechanic.

Keeping the vehicle properly maintained will prolong its life. Remember to use your senses and your technicians at P1A to ensure a lighter wallet and a healthier vehicle.

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