5 Ways to Maximize Tire Safety in Apex NC

digitalartAt Premier One Automotive in Apex NC, our technicians know that the ONLY thing between your car, truck of SUV and the roads across Wake County are the tires that are on the vehicle. Usually with new tires, there are few issues. New tires look good. They feel good as you drive, and road safety is ensured. Most drivers in Apex have a little history on their tires. With thousands of miles on a set of tires, the chances for issues, road hazards, hydroplaning, and deflation increase.

At Premier One Automotive in Apex, we check every car in for service for tire issues or concerns. Yet, it is the vehicle owner who should do a visual inspection once a week to keep tires properly inflated and rolling on with no surprises.

Every once in a while, especially if on dirt roads or around new construction, a visual inspection will uncover a screw, nail, odd wear and tear, and stones tucked in the tread grooves. Use a coin or small screwdriver to remove the stones. Preventing a blow out at highway speeds can really make a difference.

Our ASE Certified Technicians at P1A in Apex offer fives ways to stay safe with a vehicle’s tires:

  • Note any shakes, pull or unusual vibration: These three conditions cause premature wear. Properly balanced and aligned tires make the safety difference. Handling and braking are much more effective when the tires become a priority.
  • Proper inflation is essential: Always maintain the manufacturer’s guide for air pressure. It can range from 26-40 pounds depending on the vehicle and tire. Most of the time 32 p.s.i. is a great average.  
  • Replace any odd, worn or damaged tires: Although tires can be expensive, you and your family are priceless. Trust us. There should never be any surprises with tires and drivability.
  • Rotate every 4000 miles: When you bring your vehicle in for an oil change service, let us rotate the tires as well. .
  • Check the spare, if you have one: A third of the vehicles driving around today have NO SPARE, just an inflator kit. Make sure you know if there is that spare tire. If the vehicle does have a spare, it can be under-inflated or completely flat. Please check to see which situation exists.      

Finally, we can help you pick out the right tires for your vehicle! Ask us and we will steer you to the best tire retailer in Apex.

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