6 Important Reasons Premier One Automotive Runs Synthetic Oil

Across the Triangle, our team at Premier 1 Automotive (P1A) in Apex, North Carolina, suggests to our many clients that oil changes save money and help keep engines running like new. Our synthetic oil change service is the best vehicle insurance anyone can buy. These type of oil is the choice of professionals; synthetic oil is even used in airplanes. It is important to note that there are a lot of differences in oil quality, yet each vehicle owner has choices. Let’s look at important differences.

Premier One Automotive offers six reasons to switch from conventional oil and go with synthetic oil:

  • Synthetic oil is excellent in every season
  • It reduces friction and wear and tear
  • It withstands months of operation and lasts longer than regular oil
  • There is little or no viscosity breakdown
  • It can be used regardless of driving conditions
  • It can hold up to severe operating conditions

Many drivers in the Triangle and in Apex get oil changes only occasionally and often when they believe it is time. Often, oil changes are done before a vacation or other driving event. Because synthetic oil is durable and better than petroleum based oil, the less frequent changes will still help protect the engine.

The main illusion with synthetic products is that they are too expensive. At Premier One Automotive we have value-priced synthetic oil changes. It is the only oil we use and most five quart synthetic oil changes can be priced starting at $39.95

Call us today and get your synthetic oil service from the best automotive repair team any vehicle will ever need. 

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