6 Questions about Antifreeze You Need to Answer

witthaya phonsaway car troubleA recent study out of Detroit stated this incredible statistic: the average age of a vehicle on U.S. highways is 11.4 years old. Here is another startling fact, vehicles over 10 years of age need to be as maintained as those that are brand new. Cars can run forever if they have been taken care of and have been maintained properly since they were purchased.

The important aspect of a vehicle that needs attention is the cooling system. Coolant or antifreeze deteriorates over time and replacement is a good idea; especially if the car is older and the fluid has not been changed since new, of if several years have gone by. When the engine is cold, check the reservoir adjacent to the radiator or slowly remove the radiator cap. You can tell by the smell. Does it smell metallic or burned? Is it overtly greasy? Look at the color. Regardless of green or red, does it look dull?

Premier One Automotive in Apex NC wants motorists in the Triangle to answer the following six questions:

  • Does the engine run hotter than it has in the past?
  • Has antifreeze (coolant) been added to the current mixture?
  • Is it the original antifreeze?
  • How many miles are on the car?
  • What does your owner’s manual recommend?
  • How hard does the car get driven?

The cooling system includes the fluid, the radiator and the thermostat. Each one should be checked as part of normal maintenance, much in the same way the oil and oil filter are when the vehicle is in for service.

The cooling system is one of the most critical components of engine and engine wear. Changing the fluid every couple of years is a cost effective way to ensure that the life span of a car is a long one. Neglecting the antifreeze and not doing routine maintenance can cause serious damage and costly repairs. Bring your vehicle to us and we will look at the cooling system and all other components as well. We are the premier automotive service center in the Triangle. Call us today to arrange an appointment.


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