7 Rules of the Road from Premier One Automotive in Apex, NC

Getting around the Triangle is often a challenge. Sure, biking and walking will get many people many places locally, to the store, to school, and to church. Yet, Apex and the surrounding communities need to be driven to get anywhere like work or Raleigh. Trusting a car seller, privately or from a dealership means checking out a lot of items before the purchase. No matter what is found or what the price, getting a vehicle can often be stressful and challenging.

Remember, anyone can bring a car, SUV, or truck to Premier 1 Automotive for a pre-sale inspection to make sure that it has not been abused, flooded or involved in an accident.

From the team at Premier One Automotive, here are the seven rules of the road:

  • Drive the vehicle for longer than a test drive: All reputable dealers will let the buyer take the ride to dinner, or to the house. Take advantage of that offer.
  • Most dealers offer short term warranties on used cars: Buying a car “as is” is okay though if the car is the one that is bought, take it to us first.
  • Look under the hood and in the trunk: If the car is fairly clean on the outside and the engine and trunk look in bad shape, stay away from the purchase. If the engine compartment is pristine, something might be wrong as well. It should look normal inside and out.
  • Use the sense of smell: Sit inside the car and smell. Febreze and perfume should not be the first things noticed.
  • A spare tire is better than no tire: Over 30% of vehicles do not have a spare just an air can. Many spares are rotted or have little or no air, check it out.
  • New tires a must: Tires can make the difference in a sale. Make sure they are in excellent condition.
  • The engine and transmission are important: A second car, needs to be in very good mechanical shape. A vehicle needing some paint work is why it is a second car.

When you find the right vehicle to purchase, remember our team of ASE certified technicians will perform a multi-point inspection that includes fluids to brakes. It is worth it to inspect it before it is purchased.

The chances are that the new ride sitting in the driveway is a good one, let us make sure. Peace of mind is essential when it involves a large purchase. Remember to bring it to us first.  


This is yet another article with some really good “Tips from the Hood!”  

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