9 Ways to Keep Your “Cream Puff’ Running

Vogel 2011 015Every one of us here in the Triangle and around Apex NC has seen an older car or truck that is in great shape. We admire the care it has received and wish there were more of them on the road. Because of the growing (again) high gas prices and the fact we drive less and combine destinations when we do drive, we are all driving classics and potential with lower miles. The average vehicle on today’s road is averaging an ancient 11 years old. Many people only drive when they really need to today. Some individuals drive only to and from work and quite a few put less than 10,000 miles a year on a car. Still others drive even less because they work from home or stay within the Apex city limits. Vehicles today can sit longer in the driveway or garage. We see a lot of late 1990’s vehicles out there with only 20,000 miles on them. There are more and more what the used car people call cream puffs out there. But low miles and low use can create a multitude of issues with a vehicle’s battery, tires, belts and hoses. Rubber rot on a tire’s sidewalls can be an problem. Even condensation n the gas tank can raise havoc.
  • Change the oil based on time not mileage. Every six months, smell feel and smell the engine oil quality.
  • Tires that are older than three or four years can show stages of dry rot, especially on the side walls; check for cracks in the rubber.
  • Three to four years of battery life is all you can expect out of a car battery.
  • Check the air filter every oil change and make sure it is white and clean.
  • Keep the drive train, drive shaft, and suspension lubed and inspected.
  • Make sure the CV boots are in good shape (SUV’s and Trucks).
  • Belts and hoses can rot and crack. Keep an eye on them.
  • Fluids are critical. Assess brake, power steering, and radiator fluids every six months.
  • A tune up is just great preventive maintenance on a low mileage older vehicle.  It is cheap insurance.
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