Be Thankful for the Cabin Air Filter This Thanksgiving

Here comes Thanksgiving, and we find ourselves more and more indoors. It is important to note that every inside climate in the Triangle needs circulation. With no circulation and windows closed in a home or office, it does not take long for people to be uncomfortable. In vehicles, circulation is not only necessary for comfort; it is critical for fresh air exchange.

If a car has a clogged Cabin Air Filter (CAF), which most vehicles come with today, there might be a problem. The cabin air filter is an important part of the ventilation system. Every car, truck and SUV have one. Unfortunately, some filters are dirty, ineffective or clogged. When the vehicle was purchased, the team at P1A can bet that the salesperson never mentioned the CAF.

Over a period of only a few months, vehicles can have problems because of the poor interior filtration. A new filter will immediately clean all the inbound air flowing into the passenger cabin and most importantly, it will remove the road dust, pollen and irritants from entering as well. Air quality means healthy breathing.

Recent studies suggest that most drivers have no idea the filter even exists or that it can and should be replaced every six to 12 months. The quality of the vehicle’s air conditioning and heating improves with a new cabin filter. If it is dirty, it is less efficient and can certainly decrease proper air flow into the cabin.

Because the cabin air filter is usually located under the hood or behind the glove box, it might be best to let the team at Premier 1 Automotive look at it and replace it as needed.  

New filters do eliminate cabin fever bringing clean air into the cabin. Pollutants can be eliminated leaving everyone in the vehicle a lot healthier when driving around town or on a long trip.  

Schedule that new CAF today by calling 919 387 6800.

We can check the filter the next time the vehicle is in for service. Many drivers use the recent Eastern Standard Time change as an annual reminder and many more use the Holiday Season as a great time for replacement. Come in for an oil change, filter, and wipers and we will get that new cabin filter in as well.

Finally, the guys at Premier 1 Automotive wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings in 2019. Enjoy family and friends and be thankful for our freedom as Americans.


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