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P1A AprilStaying in shape is a good thing! It is spring and we all want to tune up for summer 2013! We are always tuning up something in our lives. We tune up our tennis game. We tune up our relationships. We even tune up our careers and our work life. As someone once said, it is okay to tweak away! But there are things we do not want to tune up that can indeed come back to get us. We might ignore a burnt out light bulb for a week. Maybe there is a small leak in the bathroom; hey it is only just a small leak. Or we have a small crack in the windshield. These things could grow into bigger problems. The same thing happens with your vehicle’s air conditioning. We might ignore that yearly residence A/C tune up that the local heating and cooling business is offering. The air in the house is probably working. But when it hits 98 outside and that air is cranking only warm air, the panic sets in and quick calls are made to fix the problem. A working A/C unit in the car is indeed just as important as things heat up here in Apex and the Triangle. Heading out for the weekend with a dead unit is simply unacceptable. Bring your vehicle into us if it is beyond the manufacturer’s bumper to bumper warranty of one to three years. At Premier 1 Automotive we will check the following areas to make sure you are the coolest ride in North Carolina:
  • Refrigerant: Do you have enough?
  • Blower motor: Is it working right?
  • Condensation drains: Are they plugged up in any way?
  • Air Filter: Is it clean with good breathability?
  • Coils and connections: Are they looking normal?
  • Thermostat: It is functioning correctly? It has a high fail rate. 
Schedule your A/C tune up with us and enjoy the cool breezes when it hits that 100 degree mark later this summer! Call us today. ** This is yet another informational “Tips from the Hood!” article for our great customers and potential customers! This post is brought to you by the Good Guys at Premier 1 Automotive in Apex, NC! E-mail us at… Premier 1Automotive Head to our website… Find us and like us on Facebook… Follow us on Twitter…!/premier1automotive 919 387 6800 1050 Investment Blvd Apex, NC 27502
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