Does your Vehicle Have Exhaustatosis? Read On!

index-p1aIt is winter here in Apex and the Triangle and so far so good! As we drive 64 and US 1, we see lots of older cars. And we hear them coming loud and clear. A vehicle pulls up next to us at the light and we hear an array of noises, buzzing, and rattling. It might even be loud hissing or whistling. The noise is coming from the underside of the vehicle. Although it is distracting, it eventually rolls away and ahead.

The vehicle that was next to us has a chronic condition Premier One Automotive in Apex NC calls “exhaustatosis”; this is a serious condition that needs major surgery as quickly as possible. Here’s the thing. Never ignore a loud exhaust. It is very deadly. Even the smallest amounts of exhaust fumes (Carbon Monoxide) that enter the trunk and interior can cause judgment and perception difficulty, and sadly it can be fatal.

Around our area of the Triangle, with little or no salt or snow to destroy a vehicle, vehicles can still look okay after 10 years. Regardless, the exhaust systems need professional attention and a checkup every year.

A bad, leaky or broken exhaust can:

  • Create poor gas mileage
  • Can “pop” engine lights
  • Be hard on valves and pistons
  • Can damage O2 sensors

Over time, vehicles often have holes in the exhaust system and the drivers are not even aware of any problem. Today’s power windows, air conditioning, great sound systems and the noise from the backseat kids can often camouflage a lot of exterior exhaust noise.

Although gas is rather inexpensive, look for a fast increase in prices as we head to summer. Remember, good exhausts save gas and money. The fact that we do a lot of short trips around town makes for condensation (collected water) and moisture that can collect along the piping, and especially in and outside of the muffler and they never, ever dry out. This water mixes with exhaust sulfur and creates mass corrosion over a period of time.

The most prone area is where the manifold connects to the engine. Only a close inspection to assess weakness can detect a bad exhaust manifold gasket. The piping, muffler, resonator, and converter need regular assessment as well. This is especially true when the vehicle gets out of manufacturer warranty.

Replacing the system is very straight forward. Replacing a someone who is affected by carbon monoxide is not. CO leakage will give people headaches, dizziness, nausea, and tiredness. These signs might ease when not in the vehicle. Let Premier 1 Automotive assess your system today. We want you safe and sound and driving for a long time.

Enjoy the Triangle weather as we head to Spring.

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