HO HO HO, The Transmission Makes Things Go This Holiday Season

imu-bmwTis the season to be jolly.  And across Apex and the Triangle, it is starting to feel a lot like Christmas.  With holiday vehicle maintenance, most area drivers do not pay much attention to the change of seasons. Premier One Automotive is more concerned with winter and getting vehicles ready for the months of December through March.  This is the season when brakes, batteries, engine and tires take on a more challenging role. Regardless of the holidays or not, the least checked component on any car or truck is the transmission. Second only to the engine, it is the second most important part a vehicle’s drive train. Of course, the engine is number one.

The transmission get a lot of work in cooler months and the transmission can achieve temperatures of over 200 degrees. This is the time of year when we drive a lot. The trans is an important aspect of getting there. Any fluid breakdown can cause lubrication problems and lubrication issues can creat big problems.

Look on the garage floor. If there is a leak or drip on the floor that is reddish brown in color, it has to be assessed by one of our ASE Certified Technicians. Remember long before the drip hits the ground, it has been leaking.  A regular fluid and filter change are great preventive maintenance.  Remember, prevention is always less expensive than replacement. Check the fluid for a burning smell and note that it will burn long before the fluid changes color. It is important to get a transmission checkup every 25,000 miles.

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