HOHOHO! It’s Time for the Triangle Holiday Safety Check

It is the Holiday Season and Christmas in the Triangle and we are getting ready. There is even a little snow on the ground as well.  Although the weekend storm was a rare surprise, it is December!  Winter is almost here! It is the best time to finish 2018 and head to 2019 with safety in mind.

Doing a personal vehicle walk around this time of year is important as we head into the coldest and wettest period in Apex. On the next nice day, head to the vehicle and look under the hood. Check for leaks or problems with hoses and belts. How do the battery cables, posts, and battery look? This is the biggest time of year for battery failure. When did you last replace the air filter? How does the tire wear look? Uneven and unusual tread means a problem exists. Check the wipers. Chipped and torn wipers are common after long-term usage. Check the garage floor for any spots. Look for oil, antifreeze, and transmission fluid leaks. Open the trunk. Lift the floor section and check the spare tire. If it is soft or flat, we can refill it with air.

Now, grab a partner or one of the kids. Check the turn signals, brake lights, and running lights. If you own an SUV or pickup, especially a GM vehicle, odds are good one of the running lights is burnt out.  Check headlights and fog lamps as well. While in the car, run the air conditioning for a few minutes. Yes, we know it is almost winter. Running it a couple of times in cold months will keep the system it in good shape.

By doing this annual checkup once a month, not just in December, will often prevent surprises and keep the vehicle in great shape.

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