In the Summertime Give the Car a Brake in Apex

Premier One Automotive pic 1Putting gas in the car and sometimes getting an oil change usually will keep your vehicle rolling without a lot of issues. Yet, regular upkeep will keep your vehicle rolling, usually problem free for thousands of miles. One common thing many drivers forget or delay is the maintenance of a vehicle’s brakes and the overall brake system. Our ASE Certified Technicians recommends checking the braking system at least once a year. It is important to bring your ride in to Premier One Automotive for a free brake inspection. Brakes are critical to safety. It is a good idea. Forgetting to take care of brakes can lead to a costly and expensive tow or even an accident.

Do an audible audit. As the car is driven around Cary, Apex, and the Triangle, do the brakes seem to grind? Are they squealing when cold, or is the car pulling to one side or the other? These are just a couple noises associated with brakes that need repair. If the car, van, truck, or SUV is experiencing any of these concerns, it is time to get them checked at P1A.

  • Replace the brake fluid on a regular basis: Replacing the brake fluid every two years is the easiest and most efficient way to keep your vehicle in braking shape. Brake systems corrode leaving bits and pieces of particles in the fluids. The particles will wear on the system creating small issues that lead to larger more expensive problems. Synthetic brake fluid is often available for a number of makes and models.
  • Checking the pads and calipers: Brake pads are a great indication of the condition of the braking system. Replacing these components will prevent worn rotors and an overall more costly bill.
  • Brakes are as important as any automotive system on today’s vehicles: Brakes allow stopping and help avoid collisions. Letting brakes wear down and it can lead to unsafe situations and the possibility of an accident.. If there is any of the above issues, It is important get that free brake inspection from Premier One Automotive, located ¼ mile west of US-1 and Ten Ten Road in Apex on Investment Boulvevard.

When your vehicle comes in for service, allow us to take a break and look at the brakes. We want you safe at Premier One Automotive, your Import Specialist in the Triangle We also service all domestic makes and models.


If you own an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, Porsche, or Jaguar; we are the only automotive service center you will ever need.

This is yet another informational “Tips from the Hood!” article for our great customers and potential customers!

This post is brought to you by the Triangle’s Premier Import Automotive Specialist, the Good Guys at Premier 1 Automotive in Apex, NC!

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