Less than a Buck Saves You a Lot In Apex NC

frame angelWell Premier One Automotive knows winter in Apex NC is not going away, at least as of yet. Hopefully we have captured our cold thoughts for this historic week of winter in our diary or journal. You know; the one that is in the bedroom drawer. Admit it.

All of us, at one time or another, have kept a diary. We might have been forced to keep one as we entered junior high, and maybe we have even kept it up over the years. It is often a positive form of therapy as we slowdown from our fast paced world and put pen to paper. A few of us even keep a journal for food or fitness. There probably is a mobile app for a diary on Amazon or Google Play. Everything is probably an app today.

There is however, an important journal every vehicle owner needs to keep in the glove box. A vehicle maintenance book should be in every car. It is easy to do. Get a 99 cent lined ruled little 5 x 8 note book from Walgreen or Lowes Foods and put it in the glove box. Everything you do to your vehicle, including gas and maintenance should be written down with cost, mileage and date.

Gas purchases, new wipers, and oil changes are just some of the items that should be included. Rotations, fluid changes, and filters should also be in there.

Think about this for a minute. The 99 cent booklet is worth hundreds of dollars to a car owner. When the vehicle is ready to sell to a new owner, present the maintenance book to the new potential owner and increase the price a little. Add just 500 dollars to the asking price (Blue Book Private Sale Price) and you will probably get it. A well-documented vehicle means the vehicle is taken care of and well worth the asking price.

Even if you keep your ride forever, you will never again make a maintenance schedule mistake. Everything you do to the vehicle is documented. You know the date any work was done; and more importantly you know the mileage. This is critical for both fluids and filters.

For less than a buck, there is a high value return. Grab that little notebook soon. Now, write down everything we do at Premier One Automotive for your vehicle. And don’t forget the pen.


If you own an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, Porsche, or Jaguar; we are the only automotive service center you will ever need.

This is yet another informational “Tips from the Hood!” article for our great customers and potential customers!

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