Nine Ideas to Keep It a Gas in Apex NC

IMU BMWp!A 11-22-12 2The times are good for gas prices and Premier1Automotive in Apex, NC, wants to give you some sound 2015 financial advice to save even more at the pumps. Here in the Triangle, we are pumping about $2.05 a gallon. Let’s look at what the Apex and Triangle driver can save if the pay attention to the details. WE can fix the gas problem ourselves. The timing is there.

Here are nine ideas from P1A that will help save even more money:

  • Keep cutting gas usage: combine trips. Plan ahead and minimize the miles you do drive.
  • Keep the vehicle tuned up: Make sure your vehicle is tuned up.
  • Change filters often: Filters are the culprits in a poorly maintained engine that chokes gas mileage. Have them looked at and replace if necessary.
  • Keep belts, hoses, and fluids in top condition: The engine needs efficiency. A sound running motor is the key to keeping all the money in the wallet and pocket book.
  • Change the oil and filter: New oil slightly increases the MPG. And an oil change in 2015 is still very cost effective.
  • Keep the exterior of the vehicle clean: Clean the vehicle on a weekly basis. A clean, waxed  vehicle goes through the air more easily than a filthy muddy one. Clean cars are always worth more money than unkempt vehicles at trade-in; sometimes a lot more.
  • De-junk the trunk: Remove that heavy box, shovel, rock collection, bucket, bricks, beach stuff, snow stuff, and general junk collection out of the trunk, rear storage area, or pickup bed. Less weight means better gas mileage.
  • Keep the tires properly inflated and balanced: Make sure the tires are balanced. The vehicle needs to be properly aligned and with the correct air in the tires.
  • Have a trip game plan: Know where the destinations are at all times. Maps and GPS will give and create directions and less fuel usage.  

If your car is new enough, monitor the average gas mileage that is in your information system and get it even higher by easing up on up on the accelerator and by avoiding jack rabbit takeoffs.


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This is yet another informational “Tips from the Hood!” article for our great customers and potential customers!

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