Problems can Lurk in the Hood in Apex NC

IMU BMWIt is summer in Apex and the Triangle is in full gear heading to the beach, the mountains, the vineyards and the parks. It is a time for family and fun. The cars here in town have some age on them averaging about 10 years of age. Older vehicles need maintenance as do newer cars.   

Many Apexians are focused on getting regular oil changes and tire rotations, but there might be a problem lurking under and around the hood. There are many aged and blocked air filters on the road and wipers that smear and might be ineffective. Yet, timing belts and chains are different. When they break, it is an unexpected repair bill. Occasionally some engines are actually damaged when the belts or chains break.

It is always a good idea to have Premier One Automotive assess engine operation every time you are in for service. With many vehicles today, it is important to note the possibility of timing chain and belt replacement when the odometer is at 60,000 miles or better.

Check your vehicle’s owner guide in the glove box to assess the recommended replacement schedule for your vehicle; beware of early signs of trouble. Note any rattling noises under the hood. Unfortunately, some belts and chains make no noise until they break.  

Valve timing is affected when this situation happens. Call us immediately when stranded. We will bring an emergency vehicle to the location. All of our technicians are ASE Certified. It takes knowledge and experience to do it right, especially for German built cars like BMW.

The valves and pistons need to be correctly resynchronized and the chain and belt tension set correctly as well. If the new belt is not tight enough, the belt will never set right. If it is too tight, it can strain the engine. Our team will also assess engine seals, tensioners, the water pump, and all fluids at the same time.

At Premier 1 Automotive, we do the job right. We only do what is needed, and we are experienced. If you have over 60,000 miles on your ride, the next time you are in, let’s discuss maintenance. It could be the perfect timing.  Call us today!   


These “Tips from the Triangle HOOD” are brought to you by the Good Guys at Premier 1 Automotive in Apex, NC! 

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