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Our last blog focused on winter in the Triangle. Here is even more valuable information as we head to Spring. Our winters are mostly chilly and rainy; not much snow. Yet, many Apexians remember the 21 inches of snow in January 2000. In the past decade, ice can be the problem and it is not unusual to see temperatures well below freezing. Safe to say, the next two months will have its winter moments.  

Remember, regardless of seasons, preparation is critical!

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Let’s look at the following five important areas to maintain:

  • Oil & Filter: In cold and cooler weather, dirty oil can strain the engine’s cranking power and can create early engine wear. Clean oil is essential.
  • Battery: The vehicle battery can stop working at the wrong time. Batteries older than 2017 need to be tested for strength. We also want to make sure that connections and posts are free from crud and corrosion.
  • Tires: We check all the tires, including the spare for “air and wear”. Properly inflated tires that have acceptable tread will be effective in every condition.
  • Hoses and belts: These critical components will fail with little warning. Cracks are lethal to belts. Pinhole leaks in hoses are hard to spot. Replace radiator hoses if we recommend it.
  • Radiator fluid: Anti-freeze is typically a clear red or green color without muddy or brown discoloration. Even in North Carolina, freeze protection is necessary. Annual assessment and possible replacement will keep this important fluid looking good.

Seasonal preparation can make the difference. Current Triangle vehicles can average 10 years in age; it is a great time to protect the vehicle from unexpected situations.

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