Summer in the City Under the Hood

The drivers across Apex NC and the Triangle are not alone. At Premier One Automotive (P1A) we know there are two important things in a car or truck that are not paid attention to much unless checked during a repair visit. Both are very important in the Dog Days of August!

One fairly new and now common component that is forgotten is the interior cabin air filter. Many drivers don’t even know it exists. It is the one thing the salesperson forgets to share. Our summer interior air is important, and the filter needs to be replaced on an annual basis. It is usually found under or behind the glove box. The other key component that we know no one is told about at the point of sale is the thermostat. This small, yet essential part is integral to a running engine. It is in the engine compartment mostly hidden from view, and it is not something anyone, but a technician would think about, yet it is very important to the life and longevity of an engine.

The thermostat is what controls engine temperature. This component manages the coolant and keeps everything running at normal temperatures; coupled with the water pump, these operate together under normal driving conditions to keep the engine running smoothly mile after mile. A normally operating thermostat controls the correct level of coolant into the engine. As the vehicle heats up, it will stay closed until the engine reaches the correct operating temperature and then it opens.

Over the years, the thermostat can malfunction and cause problems. Often when the thermostat sticks either open or shut, the engine temperature is affected. The temperature gauge on the dashboard is a great indicator if there is an issue. An open thermostat will keep the engine cold on the gauge even under normal driving conditions. This forces the motor to work harder during operation. A closed thermostat will overheat the engine, so again, the gauge is very important.

If the antifreeze is changed regularly, an inspection of the radiator core, hoses, thermostat, and water pump are all-important inspection points for Premier One Automotive. Call us to schedule a fluid and component check. We want you rolling safe and sound.

Enjoy the summer and be safe as we head to autumn!


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