The Holidays Mean Tire Safety!

Everything is going up during this period of inflationary change. Vehicle tires are very expensive today because the cost of rubber and other related ingredients have gone up in price since the pandemic.  Unfortunately, passenger and commercial tires have challenges around the Triangle with potholes, curbs, and bumpy dirt roads off the highways.

These common problems can shorten road life and can make a tie last about half its intended lifetime.  With replacements costing hundreds of dollars, it is important to make the most of this investment in safety.

Here are some interesting statistics, about 40 percent of owners never rotate tires. Only 15 percent of drivers know and regularly check their tires’ air pressure.

Rubber can pick up small screws, nails, glass, pieces of metal, and industrial staples. Look at your tires every fill-up. Paying attention to detail matters; a regular inspection is important. Always note noisy, pulling, and steering vibrations.

Watch for underinflation. It is the most common issue with tires. On your next appointment, we will inspect and rotate the tires. Every 4000 miles is a good time to move the tires around.

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