The Triangle’s Summer in the City

It is summer in the city, everyone! Triangle and Apex NC are hot, hot, hot! 

Tires work the hardest in the summer. Hot roads, slippery asphalt, and sudden starts and tread takes the toll. New cars now come with the least expensive tires possible that the manufacturer can put on the vehicles.

Older cars often get infrequent tire rotations and very few alignments, and that creates maneuverability concerns as well. It is important to pay attention to balancing, rotations, and alignments. In both cases, every driver needs to pay attention to wear and tear. This time of year, low pressured tires are the biggest problem. Low tire pressure makes driving in the rain and cornering a much bigger challenge. It is especially of concern in the hot months, or if the car sits for an extended period.

Parking outside (which most of us do) shortens tire life. Sun and temperatures this time of year can literally challenge and damage tires. It is very important to do a walk-around every single week. Take a minute and look at the sidewalls. Look at the tread. Are the tires wearing evenly? Has hitting the curb weakened the sidewall? Pay attention to the age of the tire. Older tires tend to dry rot from the inside. Older tires, four years old and more, can weaken quickly in the blazing hot Triangle summer.

Now, the ASE certified technicians at Premier One Automotive know that tires are not inexpensive. Yet, gas has never been cheaper, on or about $2.15 a gallon. Although the global oil prices do affect rubber prices, tires are still a great deal. Tires are an investment in safety. Here in Apex, it is not unusual to see vehicles driving around that are around 10 years of age. And as cars and trucks age, there is a great need for tire maintenance and replacement.

At Premier1Automotive in Apex, we will give you the best options for brand new tires in Apex. Although we do not sell retail tires, we certainly service them as needed with rotations and inspections.

No matter how “tired” you get, Premier One Automotive is the Import, Domestic, and BMW repair expert in Apex and the Triangle. Locally owned and ASE Certified, we offer full services for cars, trucks, and SUV’s. Our technicians have advance training and experience repairing BMW, Volvo, Audi, VW, Saab, Land Rover, Jaguar, and Mini among others!


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