Tires are Critical to Roll Here in Apex

duran 123, fdpAt Premier One Automotive we note that one of the most expensive costs for Apex motorists as they drive around the Triangle is new tire replacement. Outside of a transmission or engine issue, nothing is more expensive. The new car manufacturers, looking to save costs, are putting cheaper brands on the new cars as well, making the situation worse for longevity and mileage.  

To complicate it even more, tires are more expensive today than ever. The cost of rubber has continually gone up as the global economy lingers. And tires across the Triangle face a number of major issues: pot holes, curbs, long commutes, and often bumpy private and dirt roads. These chronic issues can shorten the mileage life span upwards of 50%. With tire replacements costing $1000 or more for a set, paying attention to tire wear and tear just makes sense.

Here are some sobering facts of observation. Look at the parking lot at the local Lowes Foods or Harris Teeter. About half of the cars parked there have never has a tire rotation. Newer vehicles can be seen with brand new looking tires on the back, with the front ones worn with non-rotation or imbalance. Only a small number of Triangle drivers check tire pressure more than once a year, if that. Each tire needs the same recommended PSI all the way around to eliminate any pulling issues.

Tires can truly take a beating if not paid attention too. They can pick up pick up small screws, nails, stones, pieces of sharp metal and building staples. Odd tread wear, scrapes, and bulges can be easily visible. Always pay attention to unusual or new noises, pulling, and steering vibrations.

Buying a new set of tires is a major financial outlay. Call Brian Augustus at Premier One Automotive and he will suggest where the best places are and where the best value is across Apex and Cary.

Keep the tires inflated and rotate every oil change; your wallet will be glad you did.


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