When It Comes to Cars, the Timing is Everything!

digital art carThe cars here in Apex and around the Triangle are senior citizens! With the average age of vehicles at almost 12 years old, which when you think about it in human years your ride is 70! Kidding aside, older vehicles need maintenance. In fact, virtually every car out there rolling on US 1 or NC 55 has a timing belt or timing chain under the hood. Many people, diligent with oil changes and tire rotations, often forget that other things count BIG. There are many filthy air filters and old wipers that are never paid attention to until they kill mileage and scratch windshields. But timing belts and chains are different. When they break, at the very minimum the engine stalls out. In fact when the belt or chain does go that is all she wrote. You are finished and sitting for a tow truck. That is never a fun experience. Additionally, some engines are actually severely damaged when the belts and chains break. It is always a good idea to assess this critical part of engine operation when you bring the car in for maintenance. With the majority of vehicles today, it is a good idea to start thinking timing chain and belt replacement anywhere on the odometer from 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Check your owner’s guide to assess your particular vehicle for recommended miles and years.  An early signal might be a rattling noise in the front of the engine. So be a good listener. But they can be quiet until they break as well. Valve timing and timing belts and chains go hand-in-hand.  Someone very knowledgeable needs to be involved in the replacement of this critical component. The more experience your technician has, the better the chance it will be done right. The valves and pistons need to be correctly synchronized and the tension is critical as well. If the new belt is too loose, the belt will flop and bounce; too tight and it will whine and strain the motor. Additionally, seals, tensioners, idlers, an even the water pump might need to be replaced at the same time. At Premier 1 Automotive, we do the job right. We only do what is needed, and we are experienced. If you have over 60,000 miles on your ride, the next time you are in, let’s discuss maintenance. It could be perfect timing.  Call us today!    ** Photo: digitalart, freedigitalphotos.net 919 387 6800 E-mail us at Premier 1Automotive @gmail.com Find us and like us on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Premier-1-Automotive/223144264371242 Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/premier1automotive
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